“The Piano Man” …from The Fort Wayne HOME & GARDEN SHOW

Not only has Charles Suniga made history with playing music at airports, he also is the first to play at trade shows.  Here a write up from The Fort Wayne Home and Garden show from 2007. 

Spend a few moments with Grammy-nominated composer and piano-man Charles Suniga and your life will change.  With a twinkle in his eye and his hands darting across the keys, the Fort Wayne Home and Garden show is proud to have Charles Suniga playing live during all hours of the show.  Suniga will have many of his albums for sale, including the Grammy-nominated CD “Spirit Rising” available for sale at a discounted price.

Suniga’s musical epiphany came while working at a plywood mill: “I was pulling lead on a green chain when I was asked to play piano for a Nike company party in Eugene, Ore.  I made more money that night doing something I love than two weeks at the mill!”  Suniga then began a journey to make music for a living, that was 1980.  At that same time he found a mentor- a music legend who worked with the likes of Elvis and pushed Suniga toward composing.  “Mickey Newberry loved my music and was instrumental in starting my musical career,” noted Suniga.

Since then, Suniga has played to thousands, recorded numerous albums and toured all over the U.S. to trilled crowds- all while keeping a simple approach to his music.  “I get asked this all the time- how do you choose your music? I always chuckle- the music chooses me.”

According to James Iafrati, the former President of the NW Chapter of National Association of Recording Arts & Sciences (NARAS), who nominated Suniga’s “Spirit Rising” for a Grammy, “Charles has Johann Sebastian Bach0like abilities you rarely see today, he’s capable of composing the most compelling and simple melodies- which will stick with you for years to come.  He’s a man that composes daily and in all genres of music- if you have the chance to meet him, listen to him, you will leave a better person.”

“People say my music is a gift.  I say it’s a gift to be able to play music that has meaning in people’s lives…. Charles Suniga “


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To Peggy @ the Port Of Portland, RE: Moments of Peace


Hello Peggy,

I was traveling through the Portland Airport on October 21, 2005, returning from a business conference in Portland. At the moment I exited the security screening area, while gathering all my belongings from the screening and putting on my jewelry and shoes and all the other accessories we are now required to remove for security purposes, the delicious sound of piano music drifted into my ears. It was so relaxing and so enjoyable. I ended up getting a cup of coffee and lingering in the area just to absorb all the benefits of the music that came from Charles Suniga, composer of “Moments of Peace”. I do want you to know that the experience at the Portland airport was the best I have ever had and I travel frequently with work. What a unique and well thought plan to have such musicians available to sooth the nerves of airport travelers.

My thanks to you and the composer. I look forward to any future trips to Portland and I will tell all my business colleagues about this wonderful experience.  Thank you very much for coordinating this!



Donna Mingerink

Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator

Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.

Torrance, Ca

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From Thomas Kenny, Back in the Airport Days, July 28th, 2006

“Charles, I have listened to your beautiful music as I work at PDX. Your music calms our passengers as they go through the various lines to get to their aircraft. At PDX you give our valued passengers a MOMENT OF PEACE in the frenzied process of travel. I purchased two of your CD’s from you personally, and it was my best investment in music. God Bless You and I thank God for your talent that we can all enjoy and the peace that your music brings to the ear and mind.”

Thomas Kenny

Manager, Customer Service

Transportation Security Administration

Portland International Airport

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Moments of Peace Making History.

Moments of Peace is making history…

Moments of Peace started making history years ago;  by being the first to volunteer to play music.  It started at the Portland International Airport and playing at trade shows.  Many people told Charles  “You can’t do that!  You can’t survive by playing for free!”,  and Charles responded with “Were already are doing it!”   So many musicians were baffled at the thought of playing for free, and in the meantime Charles is showcasing his music in front of thousands of people every day,  getting better exposure than  TV and Radio combined.

His idea was a hit! So much so that other musicians were added to the daily schedule at Portland International Airport, and Portland was becoming memorable by travelers all over the world for the beautiful melodies of Moments of Peace.  Since this movement Portland International Airport hired a person to manage the musicians and teach other airports how to add this program to their hubs.  The idea has gone viral, and it all started with Charles Suniga and Moments of Peace.

Charles Suniga composer of Moments of Peace music receives testimonials daily in the form of letters and e-mails from people all over the world about how the music has touched them.  Many of these stories bring tears to our eyes so this blog site is another way for us to share these moments with the rest of the world.

Moments of Peace is not just music, but music that creates peace for all people.  The music has purpose as a stepping stone to all humanity.

We’re so excited to bring this blog to life and be able to share with the world the ways Charles Suniga lives Moments of Peace in his everyday life.   Sharing is caring and Truth is shared, so we ask that you share this forward and be apart of the world wide team that is spreading Moments of Peace to all of humanity.




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