From Jodi~ My Moment in Time

Hi Charles,

Received the WONDERFUL CD, there are no words to describe what I hear.  I promised to tell you my short story about Your Music Charles.

I am always so hyper and raring to go and a working nut at times.  My heavenly marriage to my honey of 36 years and the 4 most wonderfully blessed children any one girl could hope for.  I am not a prize writer hoping to paint the picture I am trying to to.  In 2000 our little world came to a crashing halt when I was given 6 months to live.

(Myloporifitive disorder with acute mylotosis and acute fibrosis, bottom line, cousin to leukemia)  Well this was one thing I personally could not share with my children, you can say it would be unfair not to let them know, but unfair to whom?  I chose to ice the cake and let them know all is well.  Two days after hearing this I heard this music and my soul felt it, as if a healing of peace was above me.  It took my breath away.  I approached the clerk to ask her if the music was available, she said no, it was her cd, but she would get the name of it for me and she did.  Moments of Peace.  I went to several record stores and could not find it.

Then the following week I was at the airport and I heard the same sound but was running to the plane.  When returning I attended the Women’s show in Portland, as I walked in the entrance, I walked into the music, it surrounded me, hugged me, picked me up in a cloud of happiness.  The is when I met you.  My honey arrived in a little while and holding each other I said to him, this is it!  Everyone has a moment in time and I know hearing your music was and is my moment in time.  As you can see, there are answer’s for why I am here and I would probably be called foolish but I know the spirit has been healed, if only for a moment in time.

My healing continuous, from lap top, to car, to home, to small ear piece, your music is in my soul every day, morning to night.
Thank you Charles!

Have a great day!



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One Response to From Jodi~ My Moment in Time

  1. For Jodi ~
    Yes, there are answers and …. there may be a way to extend …. your… moment in time. This is coming to you from one who has also faced a challenge to their life, and it is with that same inner experience, that this information IS being shared. Please, look up the name, ” Jim Humble” on the internet, and it will open up to you a world of information which may be life saving.
    It allowed me to say, “No” to submitting myself to chemo and radiation. And this same “miracle” is at work around the globe, those suffering from a very broad range of inflictions.
    ” Knowledge is Power ” and it is to be shared … for all the right reasons.
    Blessings, Light & Love,

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