A Heart Felt Thanks…From Keith

A Heartfelt Thanks…

Dear Charles,

Just a quick note to tell you thanks for the tremendous blessing you have been to my mother.  She just died this last Sunday at 10am…

This is what happened.

Mom had terminal cancer and had spent the last 4 weeks on Hospice (what wonderful people they are!). Well, she has been deteriorating steadily, and being a nervous women she had to take a relaxer called Lorazapam (its sort of like Valium).  Even so, when I would check in on her about 1 a.m. I would find her either awake and shaking, or on the floor ( I never found out how she got there). Again I would check on her about 6 a.m. and again find her awake and shaking.  She fell out of bed so often that Cathleen (our Hospice nurse) recommended a Lifeline device, that she used to call for help.

Well, one night I remembered what that man in the motorized scooter said to us at the RV show, about how his wife had been in an accident and he hadn’t slept for 3 weeks, and he bought one of your CD’s and played it and slept all night through”.

So I got my daughters tape (the Moments of Peace one) and went to Wal-Mart to buy a CD player that would play continuously throughout the night.  I put it on for my mom, because she couldn’t swallow pills anymore, and SHE SLEPT THE W-H-O-L-E NIGHT THROUGH!!!!!! for the first time in days.  I kept playing it every night for her and SHE CONTINUED SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!! Every time during the day when she would start shaking, I would turn on the CD and she would drift off to sleep.  For my mom, your “Moments of Peace” was better than a tranquilizer.  Mom found many HOURS OF PEACE, thanks to this gift God has given you.

(I’m glad this is e-mail, cause I’m siting here crying like a baby and you would not be able to read a paper letter)

Anyway, a lady from her church (Ruth) is a Hospice volunteer and she would come and sit with mom.  The first time she heard your music she said ” That music is beautiful!  I’ve never heard anything like it.”

Your tape gave mom such comfort night after night and day after day.

THANK YOU. God bless you Charles!

Your Friend Always,



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One Response to A Heart Felt Thanks…From Keith

  1. Arlene says:

    Thank You for sharing. Music is a gift from God and so pleased to hear your mom found so much peace during those difficult days.

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