To Peggy @ the Port Of Portland, RE: Moments of Peace


Hello Peggy,

I was traveling through the Portland Airport on October 21, 2005, returning from a business conference in Portland. At the moment I exited the security screening area, while gathering all my belongings from the screening and putting on my jewelry and shoes and all the other accessories we are now required to remove for security purposes, the delicious sound of piano music drifted into my ears. It was so relaxing and so enjoyable. I ended up getting a cup of coffee and lingering in the area just to absorb all the benefits of the music that came from Charles Suniga, composer of “Moments of Peace”. I do want you to know that the experience at the Portland airport was the best I have ever had and I travel frequently with work. What a unique and well thought plan to have such musicians available to sooth the nerves of airport travelers.

My thanks to you and the composer. I look forward to any future trips to Portland and I will tell all my business colleagues about this wonderful experience.  Thank you very much for coordinating this!



Donna Mingerink

Environmental, Health & Safety Coordinator

Toyota Motor Sales, Inc.

Torrance, Ca

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