Moments of Peace Making History.

Moments of Peace is making history…

Moments of Peace started making history years ago;  by being the first to volunteer to play music.  It started at the Portland International Airport and playing at trade shows.  Many people told Charles  “You can’t do that!  You can’t survive by playing for free!”,  and Charles responded with “Were already are doing it!”   So many musicians were baffled at the thought of playing for free, and in the meantime Charles is showcasing his music in front of thousands of people every day,  getting better exposure than  TV and Radio combined.

His idea was a hit! So much so that other musicians were added to the daily schedule at Portland International Airport, and Portland was becoming memorable by travelers all over the world for the beautiful melodies of Moments of Peace.  Since this movement Portland International Airport hired a person to manage the musicians and teach other airports how to add this program to their hubs.  The idea has gone viral, and it all started with Charles Suniga and Moments of Peace.

Charles Suniga composer of Moments of Peace music receives testimonials daily in the form of letters and e-mails from people all over the world about how the music has touched them.  Many of these stories bring tears to our eyes so this blog site is another way for us to share these moments with the rest of the world.

Moments of Peace is not just music, but music that creates peace for all people.  The music has purpose as a stepping stone to all humanity.

We’re so excited to bring this blog to life and be able to share with the world the ways Charles Suniga lives Moments of Peace in his everyday life.   Sharing is caring and Truth is shared, so we ask that you share this forward and be apart of the world wide team that is spreading Moments of Peace to all of humanity.




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4 Responses to Moments of Peace Making History.

  1. Good luck on this new endeavor. Hope to see more on this site soon. Love DAD

  2. ltgmusic says:

    Looking forward to reading all the stories. Can you also share the music? It may take years until I get to Portland… Thanks!

  3. This ….. connection with ” Moments of Peace ” comes from way back in 1985 – 6, when that particular music was by another name. It was back then that the piece was the background music for an audio taping of a lecture by the name of, ” Step Into The Light. ” To this day, I still have that very lecture tape and also Chuck’s first audio tape, featuring that music, – ” Beyond The Keys.”

    It’s only in the past two days that the re-connection has been made. There’s absolutely no doubt about … ” touching and changing lives.” All these years his music has followed a path, a purpose, and often its reach is beyond our ever knowing.

    The peace which ever exists within the harmony between head and heart, is a place from which such music may be expressed… and…freely given to settle a nervous world. And because that very harmony between head and heart is also the place from which vision might be freely expressed and given, we discover that the very nature of this,… IS…the very basic nature of our inner spirt, our soul, …being nurtured, strengthend and…. healed.

    This “reconnection” … is for a purpose,…. that peace may find its way into this troubled time and transition.

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